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In the 1940’s studios were on the rebound. People went to theaters to escape the realities of WWII. The popularity of animated features also grew. Towards the end of the decade the HUAC (The House Committee on Un-American Activities) hearings accused many people in Hollywood of being communists and blacklisted them from the industry. Below is a selection of the most influential films of this time period.

Dumbo - by Walt Disney
Separated from his mother, a baby elephant with huge ears must rely on his friends to help him learn to like himself and find his true potential.
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Casablanca - by Michael Curtiz
Rick Blaine runs the swankiest club in Casablanca during WWII. Things get even hotter when his old flame comes looking for help with her new husband.
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The Philadelphia Story - by George Cukor
Tracy Lord kicks her husband Dexter, out of the house
for being a playboy. Two years later when she's ready to remarry, Dexter comes back to make things difficult.
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Double Indemnity - by Billy Wilder
Phyllis Dietrichson begins having a affair with insurance salesman Walter Naff. Together they plan to murder her husband and collect on his life insurance. Of course,
things don't exactly work out they way they planned.
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Citizen Kane - by Orson Wells
Charles Foster Kane a rich newspaper man, utters the word "Rosebud" before he dies. A reporter investigates
the stories of Kane's life to find the true meaning of his mysterious last word.
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Ivan the Terrible - by Sergei Eisenstein
The story of Czar Ivan who crowns himself the ruler
of Russia. Fighting jealous family members trying to overthrow him, he is willing to sacrifice even his own
son to continue his rule.
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Hamlet - by Laurence Olivier
Hamlet discovers his uncle Claudius has murdered his father to become king. Hamlet seeks his revenge even
if it means losing his own life.
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The Bicycle Thief - by Vittorio De Sica
During Italy's post war depression, a poor father sells
some possessions to buy a bicycle and get work putting
up posters. When his bike is stolen, he wanders around town searching for his family's only hope for survival.
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by Louis Giannetti
and Scott Eyman

Film History
by Kristin Thompson

Film Studies
by John Hill

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